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December 10 2008

Just finished a run a Sacramento.....freezing here. Shooting an interview in a bit.

December 06 2008

Enjoying a day off before heading to the west coast tomorrow. Supposed to have nasty weather here....hope it's not an issue.

November 27 2008

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

November 26 2008

Making travel for December...have to be in a different city almost every day. Yikes.

November 24 2008

Doing an interview on Wall Street this afternoon. Should be interesting.

November 23 2008

Hot coffee, the Sunday NYT and Brokaw on MTP. Now if the temperature whould rise above 30, I could go for a run.

November 19 2008

Headed to the west coast for a shoot. Wifi in the sky. People are coming out of the woodwork now to talk to us on this mortgage/financial mess. Going to be a good one.

November 18 2008

Dateline's back on in December!

November 09 2008

How about my MSU Spartans. Big game in 2 weeks against Penn State!

November 06 2008

To Catch A Predator will soon be on in Dubai

October 31 2008

So...did well at ths school fundraiser....must say some of the folks were taken aback to hear my voice shaking them down. Seriously though...as a sign of these difficult economic times...some folks had lost jobs and just weren't in a position to give. It was kind of eye opening. We've been working on mortgage forclosure and financial crisis investigations for weeks now so I know what's going on all over the country, but this hit home.

October 27 2008

Have to go to my sons' school tonight to make phone calls for the annual fund raising drive. Wonder if people will be freaked out to hear my voice asking for donations. Ha.

October 24 2008

Just got back from Friars Club roast of Matt Lauer. Tom Cruise made a surprise appearance. Pretty cool.

October 22 2008

Hey.....in Vegas...really eye opening shoot on mortgage crisis. Big day tomorrow.

October 17 2008

I'm liking this sunny fall day....gonna skip the cab and walk to my interview accross town.

October 14 2008

Getting caught up in the office today. Giving a speech at Rutgers tomorrow night. Should be done in time to catch the debate.

October 10 2008

Back from Miami and Detroit on this mortgage story.....so sad what's happpening to these folks.

October 02 2008

Flying out to the west coast for a great story on the mortgage crisis. Eye-opening.

September 30 2008

Working in 30 Rock today. Scripts...meetings nice not to travel for a few days

September 29 2008

Later today I am posting a new story exclusively on thehansenfiles.com. It's about a US soldier on his third tour in Iraq who was shot by a fellow soldier and the near cover-up many believe took place.
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